In its ‘RSPCA policies on animal welfare’ it states under its Objects of the RSPCA that ‘The charitable objects of the RSPCA are to promote kindness and to prevent or suppress cruelty to animals

The RSPCA’s vision is, ‘To work for a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom

Under its Mission Statement, the RSPCA declares ‘The RSPCA as a charity will, by all lawful means, prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering.’

And under their General Principles, the RSPCA states ‘The general principles on which the RSPCA operates, derived from extensive scientific evidence, is based on the fact that vertebrates and some invertebrates are sentient, and can feel pain and distress.’

What happened to all those honorable and admirable objects, visions, statements and principles when RSPCA inspectors arrived at an address in South Wales and proceeded to slaughter ten German Shepherd dogs with a captive bolt?

Saturday, 23 January 2010


So it takes 50 officers to raid a boarding kennels that is no worse than most council run pounds. Three dogs that were ready for rehoming were destroyed during the raid. Bit of target practice for the inspectors no doubt!!

A BOARDING kennels in the Black Country was dramatically shut down by police and the RSPCA after complaints about conditions at the facility.

Animal welfare inspectors and police with a warrant raided the Rosedene Boarding Kennels, Radley Road, Walsall, on Thursday at 9.00am.

Witnesses said around 50 officers entered the site, near Rushall, before moving staff away.
In total 59 dogs were found at the kennels however three were put down by vets on site.
The other 56 were taken into RSPCA care as officers remained on site until around 9.00pm.
Judith Haw, RSPCA spokeswoman said: “56 dogs were removed from the premises by the RSPCA due to the conditions at the kennels. Three dogs were euthanised at the scene on veterinary advice. All of the dogs, which have been signed over by the RSPCA, are now in animal centres for re-homing.”

She added an investigation had been launched into the state of the kennels which took in stray dogs from Walsall, Dudley and Sandwell to be re-homed.

A spokesman from West Midlands Police said the operation had been conducted on a warrant under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

He said the organisations had acted after information from the community raised concerns about animal welfare.

One witness, who asked not to be named, said there had been problems with conditions on the site for years but said volunteers had done their best to take care of the dogs there.
She said: “Staff were not allowed on the premises, they shut it down and all the dogs have gone. Three were put down there.”

She named three put down by vets as Diesel, Stocking and Clarke before adding: “The people there do a lot to save those dogs lives.”

Edith Palmer, 61, who also lives nearby and owns two dogs, said she thought the kennels had been open for around 20 years. She added: “I’m really shocked. I always thought it was good up there. I’ve only ever been up there once. Some people walk dogs from the centre up here, but that’s all I know.”

Links to the kennel’s website were down yesterday and the telephone had been disconnected when the Birmingham Mail tried to get in touch.

These are the 3 dogs they murdered during the raid

Failed by Britain's largest animal welfare organisation!!
Stocking, Clarke and Diesel R.I.P

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