In its ‘RSPCA policies on animal welfare’ it states under its Objects of the RSPCA that ‘The charitable objects of the RSPCA are to promote kindness and to prevent or suppress cruelty to animals

The RSPCA’s vision is, ‘To work for a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom

Under its Mission Statement, the RSPCA declares ‘The RSPCA as a charity will, by all lawful means, prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering.’

And under their General Principles, the RSPCA states ‘The general principles on which the RSPCA operates, derived from extensive scientific evidence, is based on the fact that vertebrates and some invertebrates are sentient, and can feel pain and distress.’

What happened to all those honorable and admirable objects, visions, statements and principles when RSPCA inspectors arrived at an address in South Wales and proceeded to slaughter ten German Shepherd dogs with a captive bolt?

Friday, 27 November 2009



And you thought they were nice people who cared about helping animals!!

1. Which RSPCA inspectors or other employees in your area hold firearms licences?

There are 12 RSPCA employees in the S**** W**** Police area that hold firearms certificates.

2. Can you name these individuals?

Section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires S**** W**** Police, when refusing to provide such information (because the information is exempt) to provide you the applicant with a notice which:

(a) states that fact,

(b) specifies the exemption in question and

(c) states (if that would not otherwise be apparent) why the exemption applies .

In relation to your request for the above information, the following exemption applies :

Section 40 (2)- Personal Information (absolute exemption)

3. If licensed, what type and calibre of firearms are carried by each RSPCA employee?

RSPCA Inspectors are certificated to possess and use a .32” single shot pistol with a ported barrel. They are

also issued with a captive bolt utilising a .22” blank cartridge but these are not subject to firearms certificate control. There are a number of additional officers who are certificated to possess and use a 12g shotgun and tranquiliser rifle equipment. So how come they couldn't dart and tranquilise the 10 GSD"S they slaughteered and get them into kennels for assessment?

4. What reasons were given by the RSPCA employees for requiring the firearm(s)

The Inspectors possess the firearms referred to for the humane despatch of animals. There is nothing humane about being dragged out on a catch pole, hit at least once with a captive bolt gun and then pithed with a metal rod such as a screwdriver!

5. Where do RSPCA employees indicate that they will use the firearms?

RSPCA Inspectors seek to use the firearms wherever they have good reason to do so and wherever they can lawfully be. What is a good reason? When they fancy a bit of blood sport?

6. Do they have an 'open certificate'

In the sense that the firearms can be used wherever they have lawful access then the certificate might be likened to one possessed by a shooter in the form that is known as an “open” certificate . However it is legally possible for an Inspector to have access to land without the landowner’s permission, which would not be the

case for a certificate holder with an open condition in the usual understanding of that term. There may be other detailed legal considerations of this nature, that can be considered on a case by case basis . What piece of legislation allows an RSPCA inspector to access someone's land without permission? They have no power of entry or any right to trespass!!

Nice to know how your donations are being spent isn't it?

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